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USG Sheetrock 250 ft. Drywall Paper Joint Tape

Product Code: PTP

Product Overview

USG Sheetrock 250 ft. Drywall Paper Joint Tape uses strong cross fiber tape combined with joint compound to reinforce joints and corners. Wafer thin paper combined with a roughened surface ensures a strong bond to the drywall Additionally, a pre-stamped crease helps simplify corner applications. Sheetrock Joint Tape can be used for joint treatments in veneer finish systems that rapid dry and where framing exceeds 16 in. spacing.


  • When combined with Drywall Joint compound Sheetrock Drywall Tape is used to conceal and reinforce joints and corners between drywall sheets
  • High Tensile strength resists tearing. stretching and distortion over time
  • Wafer-thin paper for easier joint treatment
  • Roughened Surface for superior bonding
  • Accurately center-creased to improve drywall cornering
  • Provides extra strength and crack-resistance in drywall joint treatment
  • Meets all ASTM C475 requirements

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