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CAMO 316 Stainless Steel Marine Grade Grey Composite Screw 2-1/2" 350ct

Product Code: 0367158ES

Product Overview

CAMO 316 Stainless Steel Marine Grade Grey Composite Screw 2-1/2" 350ct are an innovative, easy-to-install hidden fastener that delivers a
high-end look at an affordable price. Trim Screws feature a patented rake tip that augers material out as you drive to reduce board splitting
and a trim head to reduce visibility. 316 Stainless Steel is the best fastener for any project
and is required for installations in highly corrosive
areas like structures that are near saltwater, or that
will be exposed to harsh chemicals like chlorine, wood
strippers, or ice melt.
Designed for exclusive use with MARKSMAN Pro tools.

  • Color-matched screws for composite
    and PVC decking projects
  • Type 99 double slash point augers
    board material out for fast driving
  • Trilobular shank reduces torque and
    prevents mushrooming
  • Reverse thread at top increases pull-down power
    while cutting lead edge creates a flush finish
  • T-20 Star Drive provides more points of contact,
    reducing cam-outs and limiting bit wear

*Hardwood and Capped Composite requires Pre-drilling.

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