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Camo Through Face Assisted Screwing Standing Drive Tool

Product Code: CAMODRIVE

Product Overview

Camo Through Face Assisted Screwing and Standing Drive Tool is a cordless stand up tool that attaches to your drill and allows for standing while screwing. Save time through a faster install time while saving those precious knees and lower back! Use in combination with Camo Edge Screws, Face Screws and Edge Clips. This Tool comes with 3 attachments that assist with Edge fastening, Face fastening and Hidden Clip fastening. 


  • Includes the stand up tool and three guide attachments:
  • Edge fastening guide
  • Face fastening guide
  • Hidden clip fastening guide
  • Install faster and save your back and knees!
  • Can be used with Camo Edge screws, Face screws, and Edge clips

Search for Len-Co SKU: 344354, 344359, 344554 for edge clips
Search for Len-Co SKU: 395010 and 395040 for collated screws
By CAMO Fasteners.

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