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Product Overview

CUTEK EXTREME is a high performance wood protection oil, which keeps wood and bamboo protected for many years. It comes as a clear oil, with a large variety of Cutek Colourtones that can be added to enhance the natural look of your project. Cutek Extreme has 2X the coverage of most coatings, is easy to apply and has no pealing or flaking!


Cutek Extreme is formulated to cut down on warping, cupping and splitting, which enables your exterior project to last years longer. Cutek Extreme is clear and fades over time, but retains the natural wood color, minimizing maintenance requirements. With a Cutek Colourtone, the added UV protection keeps the natural color for much longer while enhancing the beauty of any project.

For all of your Extreme colors check out Cutek Coulortones!
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  • Easy to apply and maintain
  • No sanding or
    stripping between coats
  • Up to 2x coverage
    rate of most coatings
  • Won't crack, peel
    or flake
  • No waiting for wood
    to weather
  • Pre-coat with clear
    and wet-stack before construction
  • No need to wipe oil
    after normal application
  • Highlights your
    timber's natural grain and beauty
  • Long term protection
    from moisture reduces cupping, warping and splitting
  • Can be applied in
    direct sun, even on the hottest day
  • High-quality
    ingredients that stand up to extreme conditions even in the tropics
  • Suitable for all
    types of wood including engineered wood


  • Shingles,
    Windows and Shutters
  • Fences,
    Posts and Decks
  • Doors,
    Outdoor Furniture and Garage Doors
  • Clapboard,
    Fascia Boards and Plywood
  • Log
    Buildings, Beams and Joinery
  • Spa
    Pools, Engineer Products and Challenging Environments

Be sure to follow the directions carefully for protection and restoration of your natural wood product.


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