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15030 - Orgill

Eaton Wiring Devices Electrical Plug, 2 -Pole, 15 A, 125 V, Fluorescent Orange

Product Code: 4435962*

Product Overview


Eaton Wiring Devices Electrical Plug, 2 -Pole, 15 A, 125 V, Fluorescent Orange is highly visible and easy to locate at the job sight. Molded out of impact-and chemical-resistant nylon. Neoprene gasket seals cord opening to protect against moisture, dirt, wood chips and more. Temperature rating of -40 to 75 deg C. 


  • Solid brass plug blades are firmly embedded in body
  • Terminal screw clamps are designed to contain wire and prevent binding
  • Terminal screws backed out ready for wiring
  • High visibility products for quick location and identification of plugs in the middle of a job site
  • High visibility product contains neoprene dust cover which prevents dust from entering the plug or connector at the cable entrance
  • Combination Slotted/Phillips head mounting and terminal screws ease installation with power screwdrivers
  • Ratings: 15 A, 125 V
  • NEMA: NEMA 5-15
  • Certifications: NOM Certified, CSA Certified 22.2 #42 (file #2081) (6221-02)
  • Temp. Ratings of -40 - 75 deg. C
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