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LVL 14 in. x 1-3/4 in. x 24 ft. Beams

Product Code: EL1424

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Product Overview

LVL 14 in. x 1-3/4 in. x 24 ft. Beams are designed and used in construction spanning applications for structural support in residential and commercial applications. LVL Beams are engineered wood boards made from layers of thin wood bound together with adhesives. They are generally up to two and half times stronger than their standard framing counter parts. LVL boards are more dimensionally stable or straighter than standard boards allowing them to resist warping and shrinking. This means LVL can withstand strong winds and support heavier loads allowing for more open spaces and less supports beams to meet general construction standards. 


  • Used in beam spanning applications in residential and commercial wooden framing applications
  • Straighter wood that resists warping and shrinking
  • Stable dimensions enable straighter boards that have consistent performance and superior strength compared to standard framing boards
  • Stronger beams allow for more flexible construction designs
  • Potentially comes with a factory-sealed coating to protect against moisture and pests during construction
  • SKU: EL1424

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