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Great Stuff Pro Series Window and Door Foam Sealant 20 oz

Product Code: CWWD

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Product Overview

Great Stuff Pro Series Window and Door Foam Sealant is a Low-pressure formulation with a distinctive yellow foam. Proven not to bow windows or door frames, Great Stuff Foam Sealant can be formed without trimming, stops drafts and energy loss, creates a weather-tight air seal, and repels moisture. The product also allows for all-direction dispensing, with no drips and less mess. The foam stops when you stop and offers precise, accurate bead control, increasing yield. For best results use Great Stuff Pro Dispensing Gun.


  • Used to Fill in the air gaps around windows and doors
  • Reusable up to 30 days when left attached to Great Stuff Pro Dispensing Gun(Not Included)
  • Spray in all directions with no drips and less mess
  • Precise and accurate bead control creates a consistent sealing experience
  • Foam can be formed without trimming for a long lasting seal
  • Low pressure formulation proven to not bow out window and door frames
  • Yellow foam for a distinctive identification
  • Seals gaps and holes from heat loss and repels moisture
  • Greater insulation value than chinked fiberglass or caulk
  • Size: 20 oz. 

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