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942 TEXTURED CEILING TILE 24"x48" (10 PCS / 80 SQ. FT.) ARMSTRONG #942

Product Code: C942CT

Product Overview

  • 24"x48" Contractor Series Textured ceiling tile
  • Excellent acoustical performance for a quieter interior space.
  • Use with our Contractor Suspended Ceiling Installation Systems
  • Visible grid provides clean, bright appearance.
  • A native of office spaces everywhere, contributes to happiness of artificial ficus trees, philodendron, and sansevieria plants.
  • This Armstrong residential ceiling tile contains recycled post-consumer and post-industrial products.

the ceiling has become the easiest part of interior design, with the
suspended ceiling grid system offered by Armstrong. Drop ceilings can
be hung below virtually any existing system. Cover
over visible duct work, plumbing, rafters, or floor joists with easy

15/16" ceiling grid system supports
variety almost as unique as there are home interior designs. This
Armstrong product offers a square edge to show the grid lines. It's
the classic design that brings an immediate improvement to your
interior space. The square edge is easy to install as it simply
lays in place on the suspended grid!

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